Mindsport Ltd: The Positive Psychology Publication House

Mindsport Ltd is a positive psychology publication house. We produce innovative, accessible, and inspirational publications that improve human performance in all walks of life.

Founded by Chartered Psychologist Sam Kotadia, all of the content published has been well-grounded in the movement of positive psychology. A number of the company’s publications have also been accredited by awarding bodies including The Institute of Leadership & Management, and the Lawn Tennis Association.

The company started with the release of the 52 ways to... Mindcard series. Starting with 5 decks the popularity of the range has grown to a backlist of 20 positive psychology titles. They are now sold in several different languages, and distributed internationally in all of the major English speaking territories.

Mindsport are delighted to announce the release of four exciting new products: Headlight Diaries™, a beautifally illustrated set of cards from Irkafirka™, and two new Positive Universe™ series: Positive Pills™ and Positive Memos™.

New Products

  • Headlight Diaries™
  • Irkafirka™
  • Positive Pills™
  • Positive Memos™